What Pole Dancing Classes Has Taught Me about Life

What Pole Dancing Classes Has Taught Me about Life

Gotta have faith (faith, faith). Some of you are too young to know that song reference, but I forgive you (as I’m also too young to know that song reference as well). Dancing is all about having faith in yourself and that was something I definitely lacked going into class

Thick thighs really do save lives. At first, this phrase got on my nerves, but then I realized how body-positive dancing is and now I love it! Having some extra curves goes a long way in jumping on the pole. Truthfully, I don’t have the best body image and this class began to open my eyes a bit more to me being fine just the way I am.

Things aren’t as scary as they appear. In my few weeks giving this a shot, we tried a wide array of movements and each on scared me. Every. Last. One. Every now and then, when I could muster up the courage to just try my best, I would actually feel myself nailing a move and floating (which is how you’re supposed to feel) and I would really enjoy the few milliseconds that I got spend getting a move right. Life is all about giving things a try. Even if you don’t get it 100% right, you may get some of it and that will feel great!

Hard work is hard work. I everyone think that pole dancing looks effortless, but secretly takes a lot of work and that could not be more accurate. No one is born knowing any of these moves. After having given this a shot, I’m even more impressed by everyone who has mastered dancing enough to look graceful and effortless. It takes a lot of leg and upper body strength to do beginner moves. If you are series out mastering this skill, you have to put in the work. The studio I went to was nowhere near my house and the more I got into enjoying classes the more I had to question whether or not I would keep this up. I still do want to get better at moves, but the reality is I will have to put in serious hours on top of all of my other commitments. Even though I can’t commit to doing that now, I do feel re-energized in pursuing beauty blogging hobbies. Nothing beats hard work like hard work.

Happy Tuesday! Hope this jazzed your week up a bit. Trying to combine life lessons and lighthearted topics is no easy task. Have you tried pole dancing? What’s on your bucket list? Give me the 411!


Annsley Lucas, She Makes Sense
Annsley Lucas, She Makes Sense

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  1. April 17, 2018 / 7:06 pm

    I’d absolutely love to try pole, I’m always so envious when I see people who can do it! Very interesting blog post, loved reading it

    LJ x